About Khana Ghar
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In 2002 Parveen Saeed, a resident of Surjani Town, heard news of a woman who had murdered her two children because she was unable to feed them, and could not bear to watch them slowly starve to death. Parveen thought that surely there is enough food in Pakistan that no one need go hungry, so she started Khana Ghar, a small dhaba in Khuda Ki Basti in Karachi, where she provides a full meal (one roti and saalan) to any one who wants to eat for only 3 rupees.

Previously Parveen had been funding the Khana Ghar herself, and with whatever sporadic donations she could get. The objective of this group is to organise a regular source of funding, so that the Khana Ghar can operate without having to struggle to obtain supplies. Around 300 people eat at Khana Ghar in Khuda Ki Basti daily, and the cost of the operations comes to about Rs 4,000 a day. If we all give Rs 1,000 a month, Khana Ghar could run independently of one-off donors, and Parveen Saeed can look into opening other establishments in equally needy areas.

Thanks to the regular contributions of donors since August 2008, Parveen Saeed was able to open another Khana Ghar in February 2009, doubling the number of people who eat at least one square meal a day. We need to keep these regular contributions continuing, and increasing, so that Khana Ghar can expand to cater to more people.

For those wanting to contribute, Khana Ghar bank details are as follows.

Allied Bank
Account Name: Khana Ghar
Account number: 01-200-4891-8
Branch code: 0160
Swift Code: ABPAPKKA
IBAN: PK57ABPA0001600120048918

Parveen Saeed would love to hear from you to address any questions you might have. She’d also love to meet you, should any of you want to go see how Khana Ghar functions for yourselves. Her phone number is +923009212136.

If you feel this is a worthwhile cause, then please pass the story onto your family and friends. And remember, it’s not about how much we give, it’s about being regular with donations.

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